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"So You've Been Caught Drink Driving?
I'll Give You SOLID, NO-NONSENSE Legal Advice.
Firstly - NO, I Do NOT Condone Drink Driving!
BUT If You've Been Booked, Here's Your Best Defence..."

February 2019

Dear Friend

Nobody likes drunk drivers. ESPECIALLY not you.

You made a mistake, right?

And now you have WAY too many people telling you just what a bad and evil person you are.

I know how it feels. I've been there – recently – and I know EXACTLY what you're going through.

It's one of the worst feelings around. You're sitting around just WAITING for someone to snatch your driving license from you. And it COULD happen. With a drink driving sentence, you could be looking at:

A THREE-YEAR BAN from DRIVING. Don't even think about the taxi bill...
Up to 14 YEARS in PRISON. And three months is the most common sentence.
An UNLIMITED FINE, Typically 5000. Wave goodbye to those savings.
FORCED to sit an Extended Driving TEST. Humiliating to say the least.
And don’t think these are "rare" sentences that never get enforced. They do! I’ve done the research.

Three months imprisonment and a £3000 fine, plus a three year ban, is INCREDIBLY common.

Could YOU face being away from your family for that long? Could YOU face having a criminal record and being practically UNEMPLOYABLE – forevermore?

Trust me. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like.



HEY – Pull That Chair a Little Closer.
I’ll Tell You All About MY STORY –
And How I Managed to BEAT the SYSTEM!

I don't know your story. But I'm guessing you might be a little like me.

I'm a pretty decent driver. I don't go around speeding everywhere and I'm really quite a good guy. And that's what makes what happened that Friday so annoying!

I run a nicely-sized construction company in the Midlands. I'd been running against some pretty tight deadlines and had worked non-stop, twelve hours every day for the past week.

I was tired. So when the boys finally wrapped up the job around 4pm, we headed straight for the pub. And YES – we had a drink!

Actually, I had four pints. Sure, it's enough to make a man merry, but we're not talking major intoxication here.

I live very close to the construction site and walked the mile back home. I was back by 7pm and by 11.30pm , I'd watched Coronation Street, ate my dinner and was almost sound asleep on the sofa.

Suddenly I got a call. It was my daughter. She'd fallen out with a friend and wanted picking up from our nearby town.

Well, guess what? I felt fine! After all of the walking, eating and resting, I knew I was below the limit. Surely.

So I set off – and after five minutes driving was pulled over as one of my headlights had started to flicker for some crazy reason. They asked if I'd been drinking and performed a test.

And guess what? Yup. I failed. I failed – even though I felt FINE.

I was tested on a calibrated breathalyzer and had 53ug in 100ml, whereas the legal limit is just 35ug in 100ml.

I was nicked. They charged me, took fingerprints and DNA swabs. I was treated like a criminal and didn't make it out of the station until 7am the next morning. My daughter had to take a taxi home – and I suffered the worst humiliation of my LIFE.

It's bad, isn't it?

And SIX DAYS LATER – I was in front of a magistrate.


Guess What? I Paid £2800 to a TOP LONDON LAWYER –
And Here Are the SECRETS He Told ME!!

Now, let me tell you something...
I did NOT want to go down with all of the other drink driving mugs.

I was NOT going to jail. I was NOT going to pay a £5000 fine.
And I was NOT going to get banned for LIFE.

There's something you should already know. If you're caught for drink driving, you WILL get banned from driving. The minimum sentence is twelve months.

But I wanted to be sure – so I went and paid £2800 to a TOP LAWYER from
the "City of London". I wanted the best protection possible, so I paid through the nose to get it.

And guess what I got? Three amazing drink driving defences – plus a secret technique that anyone can use, consisting of two brilliant letters, that will get your sentence reduced to the absolute minimum!

Now, I'm a simple man. And so I opted for the simplest approach.

I had the lawyer create the two letters for me and send them off to the respective individuals.


I received an absolute TINY £135 fine and an INSIGNIFICANT nine months exclusion.

Now, remembering that the minimum Government recommendation is twelve months, that's an EXTREMELY good result. And that was the LAZY approach, too. I didn't bother to employ any of the three defences suggested by the lawyer.

YOU can do the same. Make sure you get a great lawyer that specializes in drink driving law. There are a lot of twists in the legal system – and I've seen a few people burned at the stakes.

We're talking about your LIVELIHOOD here. You don't want to get it wrong.

But this all taught me a lesson. And that lesson was the birth of an exciting new product idea.
Something that you can ONLY purchase online at this Web site...


Discover My SECRET Drink Driving Letters
And How They Can MINIMIZE Your Penalty!

After my experience with the courts, I slowly began to gain a reputation helping a number of clients with their drink driving convictions.

I was good. And I was helping secure minimum penalties using the unconventional approach taught to me by the city lawyer. I was charging around £500 per case and getting great results.

And then it occurred to me...

I could offer this ALL as a CHEAP DOWNLOAD – and increase my client base a THOUSAND percent!

And that's exactly what I'm doing, right here.

In conjunction with one of the best motoring law experts in London, I've helped to compile a guide to drink driving. It's a guide that covers the three drink driving defences you can use to get your case thrown out of court...

PLUS the TWO SECRET LETTERS I've used over and over again to practically GUARANTEE a minimal sentence.

Yes, even lower than the Government's OWN recommended "basic" sentence!!

It's NOT illegal. It's NOT immoral. And it DOESN'T cost you anything.

Just send off the letters I suggest and prepare for a good result. You can also use one of the three little-known defences. They'll work for you, but require a little extra effort.

So, HOW MUCH does this special drink driving package cost?

Not the £2800 I originally paid to my lawyers. Not even the £500 I currently charge for each private case I now handle myself.

But, quite simply, £39.95 for the ENTIRE PACKAGE.

You'll receive my full guide to the three secret defences you can use, PLUS an explanation of my PREFERRED DEFENCE – and FULL, EDITABLE copies of the letters you can use to ensure the absolute MINIMUM sentence! OR LESS!

Plus, you get to keep this guide and the letters for LIFE. You can use them again and again.

All I ask is that you don't setup in competition against me.
I still protect a large number of clients on their behalf and I don't like competition!


Then Read On to Discover How YOU Can Grab
YOUR Copy of My SECRET LettersTODAY!!

Want to grab your copy of my guide TODAY – and discover how you can quash your drink driving conviction within the next TEN MINUTES?

Then click to purchase below. And here's EXACTLY what you'll receive in return:

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My FULL Drink Driving Report My FULL Drink Driving Report –
You'll get the facts on drink driving and the information I paid a whopping £2800 to find out. You'll get the FACTS in PLAIN ENGLISH, no hype. Plus you'll learn about the THREE secret defences most lawyers don't even know about.
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TWO Secret YAHOO! Sentence Letters TWO SECRET "Minimum Sentence" Letters –
I'll send you the TWO letters you can send straight to the magistrate to help ensure the MINIMUM sentence! PLUS, you'll also receive editable versions – just change the name and address, and you're done!
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It always helps to know the rules of the game. So I'll also send you a £5 voucher to use against the purchase of UK Driving Secrets, the secret manual the police DON'T want you to have!
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You've just saved yourself £2800 and you're about to receive a minimal drink driving sentence. You know you've done wrong – so stop beating yourself up and take the time out to play a couple of top boys shoot-‘em-ups!
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We promise that we'll provide you with everything we've stated on this page. We won't trick you. We won't con you. We don't guarantee results, but we DO guarantee content. You get EVERYTHING you see here – or your money back!!
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Ready to purchase? Save your driving license today. You're just a single click away:
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All major credit cards accepted.
VAT will be added to the final price at 15%.

I’m Only Selling 250 Copies, SO BE QUICK.

In order to ensure exclusivity, I'm ONLY retailing 250 unique copies of the guide.

As I mentioned earlier, I really DON'T want too many people knowing about these techniques. At 250 copies, I make enough to send my family on vacation to Florida for a few weeks – and I help to spread the word.

And I probably won't get too many people trying to compete with me for professional clients!

But as of Monday morning, MY STOCKS ARE RUNNING VERY LOW.

We now have only a handful of copies left and after that this will turn into a pure support site.
So if you're even REMOTELY interested in purchasing, grab your copy NOW.

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And Now... My Final Word

Before I close, I'd like to leave a few words with those who may believe this site somehow condones drink driving.

Well – IT DOESN'T.

In fact, I positively encourage safe driving. Since receiving my drink driving conviction, I've maintained a squeaky clean license and feel a lot more secure on the roads.

It's changed me for the better – and although I regret the incident, it's helped me to realize the error of my ways.

This site isn't about dodging rightful punishment. It's about using the legal system to its fullest potential.

Anyone visiting this site KNOWS they've done wrong. They're just looking for a way to get the best results out of a bad situation.

Also, note that our guide does NOT provide ANY guidance on having caused death or injury by drink driving. It simply provides potential suggestions to those that have been pulled over and tested over the limit.

That's all from me. So if you're in a similar situation, then this is YOUR chance to access ALL of my resources... my time, my £2800 investment, my templates, my knowledge… ALL for just a TINY £39.95!

Simply click here:
Click HERE to purchase the entire kit - just £ 39.59

All major credit cards accepted. VAT added at 15%.

That’s all from me. I wish you nothing but the very best!

Thank you for your time,

Dan Strauss

Dan Strauss, Author.
DrinkDrivingFacts.com. Part of the WCCL Network.

PS. Remember that stocks are running INCREDIBLY LOW. If you want in, you'd better make it quick. You'll get the guide, the letters, the discount voucher AND the games (crazy, I know) – all for a tiny £39.95. Make SURE you order before midnight , Monday, February 18th 2019 at the latest. Grab your copy online by clicking here.

PPS. Looking to drive safely in future? You've probably already been there, but be sure to checkout the official Government road safety site online at http://www.thinkroadsafety.gov.uk/
Read about the penalties for drink driving and when you're ready, purchase my guide by clicking here!

PPPS. Did I tell you about a BONUS technique I'll share with you? Argh, I'm out of time now. But I'll tell you about another technique the legal bods term "volition". It's all about certain instances in which the police literally CAN'T arrest you for being drunk behind the wheel. I'll tell you more in the guide.
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Drink Driving Facts
Drink Driving Facts